This installation consists of 27 luminaires with SmartNodes modules lighting up a road mainly used by trucks. In this new site, the road users will have a safe drive while reducing at the same time the energy consumption.


Chemin du Pont d’Haine

7034 Obourg (Mons)

GPS: 50.475701, 3.980393

Setup in May 2014, this small parking of just 4 luminaries allows users of the highway’s rest area to have an illuminated break, with a light impact on the energy bill!


In the little parking near the entry of the highway,
on the Verlaine’ Rest Area,

E42/A15 to Namur


GPS: 50.593052, 5.301121

There are 14 luminaires with SmartNodes modules in this new installation. This new site is in the north zoning of Wavre. SmartNodes modules will enable to reduce the energetic footprint on the installation by reducing the light intensity when there is no road user in the park.


Avenue Edison

1300 Wavre

GPS: 50.738878, 4.600959

Next to exit 9, Andenne, of the E42, this site consisting of a car pooling parking has been setup in January 2015. As in Sprimont, the SLS-R2-R modules allows the town to make huge energy savings, since the parking is generaly used only at very specific times of the day!


Exit 9 of the E42


GPS: 50.529927, 5.057769

Battice is one of a serie of Eco-parkings that the SPW is installing on the outskirts of Belgian highways. To accentuate even more the savings made with those parkings, the SPW chose to install 26 SLS-R2-R to illuminate this new realization.


Rue de Henri-Chapelle,
Near the exit 1 of the E42

B-4651 Battice

GPS: 50.644764, 5.836017

3 intelligent luminaries, provinding lights at pedestrian crossings, have been installed in Juprelle, by the end of 2014. Thanks to the sensors of the SLS-R2-R, the modules can make the difference between pedestrians and cars. They can give more light to the pedestrian, allowing more energy savings.


2 luminairies at the crossing of the “rue Provinciale” and the “rue du Pairoux” (Voroux-lez-Liers)
1 luminaire at the crossing of the “rue Provinciale” and the “rue du Premier de Ligne” (Fexhe-Slins)


GPS Voroux-lez-Liers : 50.686275, 5.553325
GPS Fexhe-Slins : 50.721907, 5.569726

Located in the outskirt of Rotterdam, this bicycle track (about 6 km long) is equipped with different systems to monitor and control public street lighting. In partnership with Maiken B.V., SmartNodes has decided to participate to this pilot site and has delivered 27 Smart Lighting System.

More information here!


Near the railway


GPS: 51.869094, 4.475555