A reminder of our roots: the GEPPADI consortium (09/10/2014)

Early 2011, bothered by the energy waste caused by public street lighting on its activity zoning, the SPI (agence de développement pour la province de Liège) gathered a bunch of actors to tackle this problem. This led to GEPPADI project (Gestion de l’Eclairage Public des Parcs d’Activité, Durable et Intelligente) creation which aimed in improving […]

SmartNodes S.A. is born! (09/10/2014)

After the first successful demonstration of Grâce-Hollogne, EMMI followed its developments, while preparing the creation of a spin-off to commercialize its products : SmartNodes. The maturing process (with the help of WSL) took a while but, on October 9th 2014, it came to an end and SmartNodes is now a fully constituted company!