Old tree with big roots in green jungle forest

Evolving &
long lasting situation

Evolving with cities, far in the future.

  • Smart firmware update: easy to deploy through the network, thanks to our concept of embedded devices.
  • Existing lighting infrastructure.
  • Same devices for different functionalities: better investment and saving money
  • Open for new services development
Woman hand with umbrella in the rain in green nature background

Security &

Intelligent smart city backbone

  • Local real-time autonomous actions
  • Distributed intelligence
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Local memory and processing
  • Secure network

Direct cloud connection gateway

  • Secure Access by the customer
  • Data confidentiality guaranteed
  • No risk of conflict of interest
Green Jemenchameleon or Chamaelio calyptratus climbing a tree

Adaptability &

We are a highway.
We can show it.

  • Smart system construction:
    Our embedded modules can be upgraded remotely. We always find the right way to build and make evolve your system (for the best profitability).
  • Open to third-parties sensors and controllers:
    Noise monitoring, air quality monitoring, parking management, intelligent lighting, etc... Thanks to our expertise, we build the most efficient complex system.