Smartnodes TALQ v2 official certification (05/08/2019)

Smartnodes is really proud to be among the 1st solution provider to be TALQ v2 certified. During a plugfest in Valencia in early July, Smartnodes demonstrated its inter-operability with sensors & central management softwares (CMS) from various vendors, thanks to its TALQ v2 protocol implementation. This leads Smartnodes Gateway (APS-G3) to be TALQ v2 certified. […]

TALQ specification version 2.0: ready for implementation (20/06/2018)

The TALQ Consortium finished its upgrade to Version 2.0. The new version is based on an easy to integrate protocol with RESTful APIs and a JSON data schema. Integration for companies offering Street Lighting or other Smart City Solutions will be possible very quickly and guarantees cities interoperability between different vendors. The TALQ specification 2.0 […]

New installation in Val Benoît (20/09/2017)

The first installation on SmartNodes site has been installed at Val Benoit in Liège. It will allow visitors to discover SmartNodes technology and ask a variety of practical questions. It is also a tool that allows SmartNodes to test its evolutionary technology.        

New Installed Places : Juprelle and Andenne (20/01/2015)

SmartNodes is proud to announce two new installed places : 3 luminaries on pedestrian crossings at Juprelle, on the “Rue Provinciale”, A parking of car pooling, composed of 11 light points near the exit 9, Andenne of the E42. Please feel free to visit the Installed Places of the website for more information!

New setup: 282 modules at Wavre! (24/11/2014)

November 19th, 2014 , in parallel with the press conference related to its creation, SmartNodes had the opportunity to announce an important business with the city of Wavre (Belgium) where a large residential area will be equipped with the SmartNodes modules : 244 modules at the “Village Expo” (Limal) 22 modules at the “Lotissement des […]

A reminder of our roots: the GEPPADI consortium (09/10/2014)

Early 2011, bothered by the energy waste caused by public street lighting on its activity zoning, the SPI (agence de développement pour la province de Liège) gathered a bunch of actors to tackle this problem. This led to GEPPADI project (Gestion de l’Eclairage Public des Parcs d’Activité, Durable et Intelligente) creation which aimed in improving […]

SmartNodes S.A. is born! (09/10/2014)

After the first successful demonstration of Grâce-Hollogne, EMMI followed its developments, while preparing the creation of a spin-off to commercialize its products : SmartNodes. The maturing process (with the help of WSL) took a while but, on October 9th 2014, it came to an end and SmartNodes is now a fully constituted company!