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The city of Yverdon-Les-Bains in Switzerland has been exploring various intelligent lighting solutions over the last years. The results never satisfied the city responsibles because of inadequate detection or because of insufficient openness of the solution. Smartnodes addresses all the needs: highly accurate detection technology in an open architecture. They decided to equip one of their streets with 12 smart nodes.

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The whole campus of the university of Liège is being renovated. It is very proud to equip its public lighting infrastructure with the technology of one of its spinoffs, Smartnodes. From an economic point of view, the university board was extremely pleased with the reduction of energy consumption and maintenance cost as well as the respect for the local wild life.

This is the second site installed with G3 technology. Various small car parks surrounding the University’s site are in progress to be equipped with this technology.

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The city of Helmond has got C0² reduction and preventive measures to reduce global warming as main priorities on its agenda. Therefore they looked for the most performing technology to achieve those goals. After careful deliberation, they chose Smartnodes as the most appropriate technology in this residential area.

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Smartnodes technology offers a lot of additional data and solutions towards its customers. Mobility data and presence detection are some of them. In this case we use the detection of cyclists and/or pedestrians to light up a LED panel whenever they are approaching the zebra crossing. In that manner, car drivers are informed of the possible danger.

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This first installation on SmartNodes site has been installed at Val Benoit in Liège.

It will allow visitors to discover SmartNodes technology and ask a variety of practical questions. It is also a tool that allows SmartNodes to test its evolutionary technology.

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The Flemish government looked for the perfect balance between road safety and respect for the local wild life. Smartnodes technology made it possible through its dynamic lighting solution. 100 % light whenever there is a road user detected and minimal light or no light whenever there is no movement detected.

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This is, by far, our biggest, most ambitious installed place at the moment.  With a total of 244 luminaires (40 already installed in April 20th, 2015) this is also one of the biggest intelligent street lighting project in Belgium, and even in Europe!


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