Categories: Bicycles, Iceland, Pedestrian, and Road.

1st Smartnodes pilot in Iceland, in Reykjavik, in cooperation with EFLA.

Watch a short video here.

Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, and Pedestrian.
Categories: Bicycles, Germany, Pedestrian, Road, and Test.
Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, and Pedestrian.
Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, Pedestrian, and Road.

Our customer remodelled the Stationsstraat to have a single direction car lane and a large lane for pedestrians and bicycles.

The luminaries on the car side of the street are set to the “Scheduled Dimming” strategy to conserve energy but still always have enough light during the night.

The other side uses the “Bubble & Timeout” strategy to envelop pedestrians and bicycles in a bubble of light.

A sound measuring device has also been placed facing the bus and train station of Sint-Truiden. When ready, the information from the sound sensor will be sent to law enforcement along with the CCTV camera footage to better respond to any activity.

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Our test site in the “Smartzone” of Antwerp consists of 3 small, urban streets.

For controlling 13 luminaries, our customer placed 13 SLN-G3 and 1 SLC-G3 Smartnodes products.

The site is illuminated during the night according to the “Light Bubble” strategy.

The low dimming value of 25% is increased to 75% when traffic (both cars and pedestrians) is detected.
A sound measuring device on the site which will, in time, control the light levels based on the ambient sound levels.

The site now also has an Air Quality sensor which will measure the temperature, air moisture levels and air quality of the area.

Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, Pedestrian, and Road.