Categories: Bicycles, Netherlands, and Road.
Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, and Road.
Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, Pedestrian, and Road.
Categories: Bicycles, Netherlands, Pedestrian, and Road.

The city of Helmond has got C0² reduction and preventive measures to reduce global warming as main priorities on its agenda. Therefore they looked for the most performing technology to achieve those goals. After careful deliberation, they chose Smartnodes as the most appropriate technology in this residential area.

Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, and Pedestrian.

This new installation consists of 8 luminous points fit with SmartNodes units. This new installation is in fact a path for pedestrians/cyclists. A maximum energy saving is obtained on the part of the site fit with SmartNodes units. Indeed, the path is only lit when there is a pedestrian or a cyclist on it. When there is nobody on the path, the light remains off.



3550 Heusden

GPS: 51.02986,5.25745

Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, Parking, and Pedestrian.

The city of Hotton explores with this project the possibilities to reduce their energy bill and ecological footprint. It is the first step in their ambition to become a true eco-friendly city.

Categories: Belgium, Bicycles, and Pedestrian.

This installation consists in 3 luminaires lighting up a small pedestrian path.



Rue de l’Etang

B-6730 Tintigny

GPS: 49.717987, 5.484324