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The whole campus of the university of Liège is being renovated. It is very proud to equip its public lighting infrastructure with the technology of one of its spinoffs, Smartnodes. From an economic point of view, the university board was extremely pleased with the reduction of energy consumption and maintenance cost as well as the respect for the local wild life.

This is the second site installed with G3 technology. Various small car parks surrounding the University’s site are in progress to be equipped with this technology.

Categories: Belgium and Parking.

Our customer has remodelled the office building, parking and open-air storage area at their Tessenderlo site.

In the storage area they applied 10 SLN-G3 products in a “Detection & Timeout” strategy to control the light output of 5 giant floodlights.

When at night a detection is observed, the light output of the luminaries will go from 20 to 100% for 30 minutes.

Along with the automatic security system of our customer, the site will now be even more protected!

To control the nodes, they connected our gateway to the internet through their internal Ethernet set-up.

Categories: Belgium and Parking.
Categories: Belgium, Nema, Parking, and Test.

The Genk football stadium car park is now equipped with Smartnodes controllers (SLC-G3). All controllers are accessible from a CMS through our edge device (APS-G3). Thanks to this, the final customer has the opportunity to interact with all modules at any time.

It can for example define a time dimming on the CMS by sending it on the controllers. These will then perform this time dimming autonomously. During a match or any other event, the customer can ask the modules to override to get to 100%.

Categories: Belgium, Parking, and Test.
Categories: Belgium and Parking.
Categories: Belgium and Parking.

The Flemish government looked for the perfect balance between road safety and respect for the local wild life for the carpool parking in Lummen.

Smartnodes technology made it possible through its dynamic lighting solution.

100 % light whenever there is a road user detected and minimal light or no light whenever there is no movement detected.