Liège Creative Conference (26-04-2019)

The Good Use of Lighting

Speaker (s): Julien Ocula, Product Manager (Smartnodes) and Isabelle Corten, Director (Radiance 35), as part of the Imagine Festival tomorrow the world .
Date: 26/04/2019 from 12h to 14h.
Location: Colonster Castle, 4000 Liège.
Theme: Urbanism & Habitat.
Price: 36 € / 21 € (Lunch included).
(The reduced rate applies to students and staff of universities and schools).

Streets, squares, avenues, subdivisions, car parks, zonings, monuments … public lighting is everywhere, almost without attention. Really ?

However, it is the result of many attentions related to its uses of architectural or urban development, prevention of accidents or for the sense of security it creates, …

What do technologies offer to lighting? What do they improve in terms of ecological impact? Without necessarily realizing it, lighting is well thought from different angles and through different objectives to conciliate.

This meeting will bring together the company Smartnodes, active in public lighting through smart sensors and the urban planning agency specialized in lighting design, Radiance 35.

The smart sensors developed by Smartnodes allow public lighting “on demand” (only in the presence of road users). Smartnodes solutions therefore enable energy savings of up to 80% while guaranteeing visual comfort and user safety. Smartnodes considers public lighting to be the skeleton of a “Smart City” network on which environmental, acoustic or parking sensors can also communicate: “Smart cities through smart lighting”.

For more than 20 years, Radiance35 has been developing reflections on “nocturnal urban planning” in a sustainable approach. These reflections are regularly concretized in concrete projects where experiments at both conceptual and technical level make it possible to reinforce them. The question of the understanding and the appropriateness to the uses and the balance between them (so much of the different human users, as of the fauna and the flora) is at the center of the research of this team composed of architects and urban planners.

How can we best use technology in the service of these reflections? This is the meaning of his approach for several years.

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