From smart lighting to smart cities


Street lights are the backbone of your smart city solutions. An existing, reliable and flexible infrastructure, available for state-of-the-art technology.
By mastering and upgrading intelligent outdoor lighting system, we offer the best independent and evolutive network for the future of your city.

Your city ready-Light is only the entry-point Made for the future

Smartnodes architecture solution


Dynamic Intelligent Street Lighting | Warning sign activation based on context | Alarms to control centers | …


Traffic monitoring and control | Traffic light information feed | Alarms to control centers | Parking management | …


Energy saving | Reduced CO2 pollution | Reduced light pollution
Air quality monitoring | Acoustic monitoring


TCO optimization (CAPEX and OPEX) | Buy once, reuse for many purposes | Reduced installation & maintenance costs | Free local communication network | Upgradable installations

Best technology to the big data challenge

The main objective of data management is to be able to take the right decision at the right time. You need a strong and reliable technology allowing you to deal with large amouts of data, coming from a range of sensors. You need real-time information through an efficient monitoring system. Our local intelligence delivers a high level of accuracy and reliability. You need objectivity in your decision. You have to rely on trends, statistics, realistic figures. You base your action on facts, not hypothesis.

Security & safety solution

Dynamic intelligent lighting | Warning sign activation based on context | Alarms to control centers

Mobility solution

Traffic monitoring and control | Parking

Environmental solution

Air quality monitoring | Acoustic monitoring

All along the value chain

Smartnodes knows that it is important to be real partner of smart cities project. From the very beginning (think about the right solution) to the implementation.
We have this integration mindset and are able to work with the best technical partners. Integration is and will be the only mindset to make future investments meaningful.

We are fighting against the silo operations

We improve cooperation and allow our client to make better investments.

We are the link

We are the link between all devices/sensors acquiring data and aggreagating them into the cloud.

We build with you

We build, with you, the best system with the best partners and solutions, according to your objectives and resources.