Abstract background in a concept of technology and science.

The magic of local distributed intelligence

All nodes are interconnected and communicate between each other. They can take local appropriate actions. Each node is composed of specific sensors and a processor.

It is strongly reliable: if one node is out, the system can go on working.

The node may be linked to a central system, allowing to control, act or react on the field.

The guarantee of secure
local network

The node is an embedded system composed of specific sensors, a processor and its memory. This local intelligent system provides both accurate and powerful local functionalities.
The nodes may be used for multiple usages. For instance, the same SLS (Smart Lighting System) nodes to control the street lights could also control traffic signs or feed information to traffic signal controllers.

  • Frequency 2.4 GHz
  • Decentralized mesh-network
  • Self-forming
  • Self-healing
  • Dynamic gateway selection
  • Best frequency selection per node
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth Beacon equipments