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Smart lighting system

SmartNodes is a provider of innovative control modules for dynamic outdoor lighting: “Light where and when needed, at the right level”.

Maximal energy savings are achieved without reducing visual comfort and security of the road users.

Smart City Solutions

Street Lighting network to become the Backbone of Smart Cities.
"When Smart + Connect Lighting Network can leverage investment across other city systems".


Our latest news

Smart City Event in The Haag (29/06/2018)

  The 8th edition of the international Smart City Event took place in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 27th and 28th of June 2018. An inspiring event where SmartNodes ran successfully a booth next to other innovative companies and startups. During this event, members of the sales and marketing departments followed keynote speeches from inspiring […]

TALQ specification version 2.0: ready for implementation (20/06/2018)

The TALQ Consortium finished its upgrade to Version 2.0. The new version is based on an easy to integrate protocol with RESTful APIs and a JSON data schema. Integration for companies offering Street Lighting or other Smart City Solutions will be possible very quickly and guarantees cities interoperability between different vendors. The TALQ specification 2.0 […]

Partnership highlight

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Latest product introduction

SLS-G3 - a Smart Lighting network of interconnected nodes

  • Dynamic street lighting
  • Upgradable multi-functional modules
  • Distributed local intelligence
  • Secured local and free communication network
  • Open to third-parties sensors and controllers
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